Qi-Gong exercises is an ancient method which fills the body with energy, allowing me to centre myself physically and emotionally.

A big enrichment for me is the brook flowers – I use them in bach flowers sessions or, should you prefer, integrate them to other massages / therapies.

For several years I have been using Mental and Intuition trainig techniques to train my Intuition.Through my own personal developement I am able to pass this on in my treatments, allowing my intuition to take over where necessary.

My goal is to accompany and support people so that they may always feel free and in balance, allowing them to show their full potential.


My formation and future formation:


Formation for classic massage Bern


Sport massage / Aromatherapy Bern


Traditional Thai massage Thailand


Herbal massage Thailand


Foot reflex zones massage Brig

Qi-Gong formation and training Bern

Since 2005

Perfection of Qi-Gong classes / Daily seminars

Meditative body and sound vibrations

2006 / 2007

Qi-Gong Da Yang Gong / Master Yin Laoshe China
Since 2006

TRIAS-Power seminar (Mental intuition training) Switzerland


Tibetan musical bowls massage Germany


Lomi Lomi Brig


Formation brook flowers therapie SHS Aarau


Lymphe Drainage Brig

About me

“The body is the visible translator of the soul”

Christian Morgenstern

My name is Astrid Brantschen Schluep, born on July 24, 1972, married and mother of a daughter.

Since 2001 massage and therapie have been accompanying me on my path.

When someone allows themselves the enjoyment of a massage, I see this as a statement of self appreciation to them and their body.

A massage reminds us that we have a body and helps us to feel it. It is often that we only feel our body when something is hurting us or when a part of the body is “malfunctioning”.



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