Magic hands!

After tearing my cruciate ligament playing football in summer 2008, I decided to hang up

my soccer shoes and devote myself to running. I soon realized that the many km running

also left their effect on me. Here a knotted calf muscle, there an inflamed Achilles tendon

and sometimes an out of line pelvis were the results.

But Astrid had the perfect solution for everything. She quickly found the cause to the

problems. With her expertise and her large variety of massage technique she was able to

quickly get me back to new. I appreciate her relaxed way and although I now live in the

Engadin, I will not miss the opportunity to have a massage from Astrid the next time I am

visiting Zermatt.

Sasche Hosenen

What I really like about Astrid and her massages is her holistic approach.

She doesnt just work on the body and muscles, but on the body, mind and soul.

Astrids many years of experience in different areas enables her to combine her

knowledge and experiences to provide a well rounded treatment. And so her holistic

approach shines through. I can highly recommend Astrid.

Eva Jenni

In good hands!

For several years I have had problems with my back. I had my pelvis adjusted a few times

but the positive results never lasted very long and then I was right back at the beginning.

The pain would come back and each time it was more intensive. It was time to make some changes.

Then I went to Astrid. She told me she was going to adjust my pelvis gently, and of course

I agreed. She found the cause quickly and after only two visits with her I was feeling much

better. I knew I came to the right place. I will stay with Astrid, I know I dont need to look

anywhere else. With Astrid you are definitely in good hands.

Christine Huber

Astrid’s massages are always a treat. You can really relax and after

feel like a new person. I can particularly recommend the hot & cold

stone massage, that was amazing. For me a trip to Zermatt always

includes a massage.

Arlette Scheidegger

Qi Gong:

My first experience with Qi Gong was in Portugal at a 2 week Fasting and Yoga seminar.

During a very brief introduction to Qi Gong, I felt a very strong energy flowing between my

hands and I knew I had to learn more about this energy that flows through us and

everything around us. On my return to Zermatt I contacted Astrid. Full of excitement in my

new discovery I asked her about Qi Gong and information on her next course.

That was in 2008 and since then I continue to do Qi Gong courses with Astrid. Each time,

through her knowledge, patients and understanding my knowledge of Qi Gong and myself

is growing. It is a privilege to have such a beautiful, giving and knowledgable person like

Astrid guiding me in my journey.

Through her Qi gong training in Bern and her Qi Gong studies in China, Astrid has

acquired a very well rounded knowledge of Qi Gong and the benefits we can all

experience from it. In her calm, patient manner she passes this and other trainings she

has done on to her students. I look forward to learning more from Astrid and seeing where

this personal journey takes me.

Sheila Fuchs

What it means for me to perceive energy, to feel it? Since I regularly practice Qigong half

an hour, I understand the answer.

With mindful flowing movements, letting the breath flow easily as the mind acts as a

spectator. Feel where heat envelops the body and creates calm and peace. In my

everyday life I experience how more relaxed my body is and how open and understanding

my mind is.

Your course, Astrid, was lead beautifully and I look forward to more. It was a great

pleasure to work together in a group and to see how we moved together, perhaps we may

find in day to day life a sense of peace from the hustle and bustle.

Patricia Imboden

Qi Gong is a wonderful way to do something good for yourself!

Mentally it made me calmer and more balanced and physically I

was more relaxed!

I'm looking forward to the next course with you Astrid!

Danja Perren