The art of balance within.

When one is in balance, he rests calmly in his middle. As much inside as outside. Different elements can cause us to be thrown from our balance, whether they are physical, mental or emotional.


Whilst I work I understand the people as a unity; body, spirit

and soul combined. Already as a small girl I was passionate

to know what lies under the surface of the body. Everything

what we can not see or touch directly but have a great

influence on the body, the emotions or just the “mood”.

Mr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese water scientist, has inspired me to implement independently an experiment with rice.

For a certain period I had two glasses filled with rice, -one with THANKS and the other with FOOL written on- and accordingly picked with thoughts and words. The result has deeply affected me.

What makes us become the conscious creator are: ……Responsibility of the sole……Force of words……Power of the thoughts……My contact with these elements has a direct influence on my body, my spirit and my soul.

Gladly I will accompany you with my offer of massages and therapies o the path to your inside balance.




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